Evo 9 Wagon Sprint Car

Date of project or event: 2014

The 2006 Mitsubishi Evo IX wagon, powered by 2.3 litre HKS stroker engine, producing 560bhp

The project began in 2014, following the entry of a sprint event in an evo 7 RS, with the intent of building a car both Saj and his father could be proud of.  As with each and every one of our builds, we wanted to create a vehicle like never before, something exclusive and irreplaceable. The initial concept was to build a race car with 4 seats. The evo 9 emerged as the perfect platform, coming with a RS mechanical rear axle standard and 4g63 engine with more than enough space for 4 seats.

We were successful in assembling the car with a full ARP wide body kit and HKS 2.3 litre stroker engine with a GT30 turbo. The transmission was modified to have longer gears.  Included within the build was a custom CUSCO roll cage, with space for a tyre rack in the boot alongside a plumbed in fires extinguisher. The brakes were Alcon 6 pot race series with Speedline 18” wheels wrapped in Toyo R888 tyres.

As always we incorporated other parts such as an Evo 10 HKS intercooler, custom intake and a Magnus inlet manifold.  It was all managed by a MOTEC ECU.

In order to test the car, it was entered in to a few sprint events. The colour scheme was based on the JPP company colours so anyone that saw the car could easily recognise where it was built. 

Black Evo 10

The Black Evo 10 is a 2008 Evo 10 FQ400 Replica.

We produced  this car in order to promote the range of carbon, hydro dipped  parts such as interior trims, door mirrors and interior vents. The full FQ400 body kit was fitted with a centre exit exhaust and 18 inch volk racing TE37 rims. The vehicle was a JDM spec SST model, used at all drift events and static shows that were attended, m

aking its debut appearance in Malta then traveling across Poland and Romania. Featured in the total evolution magazine, the vehicle acquired a one off custom ducktail boot lid. Not long after, the car was bought by a car enthusiast in Cyprus and kept in safe hands. Click the link below to see more information about the car.

Date of project or event: 2012