Take one 1975 Celica GT and add a pinch of Altezza Beams 3SGE and this is what you get. Ever since selling our RA28 Celica in 2009, we have always wanted another. This time there were no half measures.

We managed to source this 1975 TA27 Celica GT from Japan, and as you can tell by the photos it needed some “minor” work. With the little 1600cc engine removed it was time to have the engine bay prepped and painted ready for the Beams 3SGE replacement engine.

Once the 3SGE engine and Altezza running gear were in, it was time to tackle the restoration of the body. Many hours and late nights later all of the welding, filling and sanding were done, and the car was ready for sealing and paint.

The Altezza and TA27 looms were spliced together making all the original features of the dashbaord work as they were meant to. We modified a Supra speedo to sit behind the dash bezzles as to not interefere with the dashboard.

The car was finished in a Mercedes AMG Tenorite Grey and sits on a set of Varrstoen wheels which had to be specially imported from the US.

Once the car was completed we took it to many shows throughout the UK and even to Germany.


Engine: 3S-GE BEAMS 1998cc 16-valve Dual VVT-i, Altezza wiring harness and ECU, uprated oil cooler, Altezza in-tank fuel pump, VW Polo radiator, Mishimoto slimline radiator fan, Apexi induction kit, custom exhaust manifold, Integra DC2 Apexi modified exhaust system, silicon hoses

Transmission: J160 six-speed manual gearbox, one-piece prop made from Altezza front and Celica back half, original Celica crossmember with a Subaru section added

Brakes: Vented discs and original drum brakes

Wheels and tyres: 8×15-inch (front) and 9×15-inch (rear) Vaarstoen V3 alloys, Nankang Ultra sport, 195/50/15, Bridgestone B530 215/45/15
Suspension: Cusco coilovers, camber adjustable, modified steering bars, polybushed front TCAs, Skyline R33 GT-R rear springs,

Exterior: Full respray in Mercedes AMG Tenorite Grey, JDM remodelled front lip and rear spoiler, custom side stripes with Beams GT logo, fibreglass bonnet

Interior: Honda S2000 front seats, modified seat rails, Skyline R32 GT-R carpets, Mk4 Supra tacho and rev counter, rally-spec heater, Evo VIII gear gaitor, Impreza STi gearknob, Nardi steering wheel, factory radio, Altezza pedals