JapPerformanceParts Videos

Strippers: Cars for Cash.

Episode 2 of the hit series Strippers: Cars for Cash featuring Jap Performance Parts and the RB26 powered Impreza.

Toyota Celica Beams GT

The Celica Beams GT. Not built for power or racing, just a cool car.

The Call - Episode 2

Frankie continues his time here at Jap Performance Parts under the Youth Training Scheme.

This time facing the customers.

Frankie's Interview - Episode 1

Frankie from Strippers: Cars for Cash comes down to Jap Performance Parts as part of the Youth Training Scheme.

Subaru Trackday 2012 - Spa Francorchamps

Follow the team on their journey to Belgium for the Subaru Trackday 2012 at Spra Francorchamps.

BHP Show 2012 - Lydden Hill

A quick video of our day at the BHP Show 2012.

Container Unloading

A behind the scenes timelapse video of the emptying of one of our 40ft containers from Japan.

The 2011 Round Up

A collection of our highlights from the 2011 season.

JPP Go To Gatebill 2011

Follow the adventures of JPP on their trip to Europe's biggest automotive festival, Gatebill.

Trailer -Jap Performance Parts goes to Gatebill

Trailer featuring the team on their trip to europes biggest automotive festival, Gatebill.

Breaking Cars

A behind the scenes look at breaking down an Evo 7 via the magic of timelapse. More behind the scenes videos coming soon!

Trailer - Bavaria Street Race

Follow Jap Performance Drift at the Bavaria Street Race.

Road to Romania

Follow the team on their action packed trip to Romania. Do they have what it takes to be Drift GP Romania Champions?

Wheeler Dealers visit Jap Performance Parts

Wheeler Dealers is a much loved car show airing as part of the Discovery channel suite of programs. Mike Brewer and Ed China show viewers how to buy the right car at the right price, fix it up on a budget, and make a nice profit.

Filming took place in our workshop when Mike Brewer visited us to buy parts for their latest project a Subaru Impreza.

Jap Performance Parts - Off Season Report

Catch up with the team in this Off Season Report video.

JDM Allstars Sunderland 2010

JDM Allstars Wembley 2010

Forza 3 Jap Performance Parts Subaru

Our RWD Subaru hits Forza Motorsport 3

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