Project Car 2009/10 - Drift Subaru

This car started off as a bit of fun but has now turned in to our official 2010 Drift car for entry in the 2010 JDM AllStars series. The car is based on 1998 Subaru Impreza Type R and will be stripped and converted to rear wheel drive by PR Developments, our partner Subaru specialists.

Paul at PR Developments prepared the chassis and installed our Nissan Skyline RB25 engine with GReddy TD06 25g turbo. The car was then completed back at our site, now complete, the spec includes, a top mount manifold, TRUST oil cooler, APEXI Power FC ecu, TOMIE Cams, adjustable pulley, Large plenum, 700cc injectors, OS Giken twin plate clutch, S14 Diff and shafts, RB25 gearbox, 2007 STi hubs and Brembo brakes, Roger Clark induction, BRIDE seats, Blitz exhaust, Evo 5 front end, Evo 10 rear end.

The final spec has yet to be determined, but we are really looking forward to building one of the only UK competition Impreza drift cars!

Be sure to look out for updates and magazine coverage. Details can now be found on the Drift News page.

Below are details of the build so far:

28th June 2010

The car has just been mapped, thanks to Greg Gush, Protuner. 452bhp and 400 torque at 1.2bar! We are very happy with the result and look forward to testing at Santa Pod later this week. Can't wait to see it drift!

Julian and Walton Smith (Garage D) collecting the Subaru and getting it prepped for mapping:

The car is finally off the ramp and sitting on its own feet!

A lot of modifications have been made to fit the oil cooler, power steering lines, steering cooler, clutch mechanism....but it's getting there:

It finally sat in place.

There were a lot of modifications compared to the original engine we used, the engine sat taller and the intake plenum was larger.

After the engine was prepared, we brought the car back in.....just deciding where to put the engine!

Walton joined us for the day and we managed to refit the engine with new TOMIE Cams, adjustable pulley, new belts, plugs, filter, the uprated fuel rails, new plenum and injectors.

While the car was being painted, Vit stripped the engine and painted the block

The finished car!!!!

After adding the pearl, the whole car is lacquered.

The Darryl painted on the black

At last the car gets prepped for paint - the car is painted white, then the red is added.

Now i have to find to time to complete the work one the engine, we have 3 days to prepare the bodywork of the car before its painting...can't wait to see it finished!

Thanks to Imi and the boys at Customize Bodyworks for painting the car, to start with Sonic blue in the engine bay and Red interior.

Now the car is mechanically complete, Vit starts to strip the car and get it ready for painting.

At the rear we are going to mount an Evo 10 rear bumper diffuser.

Sat next to an original Type R, its clear how wide the Drift car is!!

Walton has used a v10 subframe to remount the engine and widen the front end of the car to allow for more lock, modified the rack using Evo arms, fitted a v10 Quick Rack, pairs of steel wishbones extended and a set of new coilovers.

The car had spent three weeks with Walton and Julian at Garage D and came back to us with a whole new front end!

We used a v7 STi scoop which is taller. With the oil cooler at an angle, two thirds of it is in direct air from the scoop, so should work well.

After much though we mounted the TRUST oil cooler on the top of the engine. We will weld in a plate to seperate the heat from the turbo.

I also got round to working on blending in the rear arches.

At the rear of the car, we changed our mind again and have now used an S2000 fuel tank which fits perfectly in the spare wheels bay, Vit wants to use an R33 GTR fuel neck later. Additionally we will use a second external fuel pump and swirl pot.

A carbon section has been placed in the centre to mount the power cut off and other switches

We have mounted a second hand brake in a vertical position, the wiper stalk, door handles and window switches have been fitted. A rev change light has been fitted on the centre of the dash

We modified the instrument cluster to hold a rev counter, speed counter and water temp gauge.

The column was lowered an inch from its original position, the centre of the dash will hold the gauges, for now, oil temp, pressure, ext temp and boost.

AFTER A LONG TIME....THE CAR FINALLY DROVE! We managed to complete all the wiring and hoses, the car fired up from with the key and it drove - after a few runs but no boost and ignition faults, we finally got it to run and spin the wheels! Here are links to a short video - not so clear but you can see it working! Turn the sound on - its loud!

Clip 1

Clip 2

We have a lot of work to do on the electrics. We decided to use a standard dashboard top to mount the wiring, ecu and gauges.

We ran the fuel lines inside the car on the street side of the tunnel

All the fuel lines have been run inside the car

After trying a few bumpers, we opted for an Evo 5 front bumper, after a few modifications, it slotted in place!

At the same time we fitted the body kit in place.

An R32 GTS radiator, Evo 7 aftermarket intercooler and Evo 6 air con fans

With Vit working on this part time, we really want to complete this car this year!

....Got some time again to work on the car, this week (7 Dec) we got round to fitting the intercooler - we used an aftermarket Evo intercooler and positioned the MAF on the intake side.

At the same time, the original idea with the clutch master was not working, so we fitted a v9 STi clutch master with relocation reservoir - now all bled and functioning!

And replace it with a custom made front entry plenum, eventually this will work with our upside down intercooler to shorten the pipework.

So we decided to remove it

Now we know it works, we can start modifying the engine and pipework. The original intake creates too many problems with extended intercooler pipework.

Once all the wiring was connected, everything was to function through the ignition with one power cut off valve. We made a makeshift fuel tank with an STi pump and a bucket....and the engine started!!!

After a long wait we finally got back on with the project, Paul spent two days on completing the wiring!

The car was left in Hincley for the last year and is now back in our own workshop. We have now begun work to complete the car. We have decided to build custom arches as the 22B are not wide enough - with just 8J wheels you can see how far they stick out. In this photo the side exit exhaust is visible:

We made a start with the wiring, big job! the loom will be stripped right down to the essential sections, the excess will be discarded, I started by stripping out the audio and heater wiring, some of the Nissan loom will be merged with some of the Subaru loom for lights, wipers etc....will leave that bit to Paul!

The Subaru was driven in to the workshop - a completely standard Sti type R v4 1998 spec:

The fuel tank and kit was positioned in the boot, however the tank may be too small and be replaced later

We then fitted the battery box in the boot and ran the cables through.

After welding, each joint is sealed so it won't rust.

All the holes have to be sealed to make the cabin as safe as possible, the fuel tank will be fitted in the boot of the car.

After a long break we finally got going again with the car. PR Development have fully seam welded the car, all the joints inside up to the bulk head and rear arches have been strengthened.

We had a lot of interest in car, and a lot of surprised faces!

We took the car to the first round of the EDC at the International tuning and Styling Show at Donnington, 5th of April 08. We fitted some WORK Emition GTR wheels and cable tied on the a set 22b arches that will eventually be fitted to the car. Even with the wide arches the rear wheels were and inch outside!!

The roll cage was lined up, all the bars will be fitted and then welded in to position.

The car eventually stood on its own wheels by the end of the day - a very satisfying moment to finally see how it will all sit, the height seems to be fine, although the sump is a little low!

Nuno was busy working in the car stripping the sound proofing from the back of the car

The rear suspension was all fitted - arms, legs, hubs, shafts and brakes.

The front suspension was assembled with just the outer front cv joints, using CUSCO pillow ball mounts.

15th March

We raided the stores and found a load of bits to throw on the car! V10 STi hubs, v10 Brembos, v10 front lower arms, CUSCO rear lower arms, TEIN v9 coilovers, Kakimoto N1 exhaust, 4 x 114.3 PCD space savers, Full GC8 roll cage, v9 rear drive shafts, APP braided brake hoses, STi bucket seat, FRP vented bonnet, WRC style door mirrors, Drift steering wheel and boss..

Next week we will start work on the fuel lines, roll cage, v10 STi hubs, modified coilovers and Brembo brakes!

After a bit of experimenting we found that we could use the Rb25 master cylinder (which was shorter) and the GC8 shaft which was the right length to mate to the pedal. The diameter of the shaft and locating circlip were both the same! We will have to re-drill the two locating holes to mount the master cylinder.

By refitting the servo we can use the Subaru pedal cage - the next issue was the clutch master cylinder, the Subaru one was too long to fit behind the RB25 intake.

After some measuring we found that the brake servo from the Subaru would fit and after moving the engine we fitted the master cylinder and proportioning valve back in, this will save us a lot of work!

We ran the engine wiring in through the bulk head, the skyline dash wiring will be installed next.

It was also a good time to remove all the soundproofing, apparently all the sound proofing from a GC8 weighs around 10kg's!

As the car will have an internal fuel tank, all the fuel lines will be re-run from the passenger side to the drivers side, where the RB25 intake is

Paul stripped the front loom of all the aircon wiring, the plan is the use the Subaru rear loom and skyline engine and dash loom, we will use a skyline heater box and instrument cluster.

We decided to use the Impreza wiring for the front lights and fans, so all non essential wiring was removed - I don't think we will need airbags!

The front engine mounts will have to be fabricated, Dennis makes a simple mock up. The brackets will eventually be incorporated in the main subframe. At the rear of the subframe, the steering rack will be lowered, approx 1 inch. Once complete, spare subframes will be fabricated.

The gearbox mount was fabricated and bolts in to the original holes in the chassis and the RB25 mount

To mount the gearbox, the Skyline mounting points are removed from the floor and will be used with the skyline gearbox cradle. The Engine cross member will be a mix of Skyline and Impreza.

Now the gearbox lines up well and infact fits perfectly in to the original Subaru hole for the gear lever!

The supports will then be welded to add strength.

The gearbox doesnt sit high enough so the two original Subaru supports have to be removed.

We have around 2cm space at the bulkhead and plenty of space for a radiator at the front, we will have to use an electric fan instead of the RB25 original fan.

The engine and gearbox are then lowered back in. The downpipe is fitted and clears the bulk head and floor.

The brake servo is removed, both clutch and brake will have to be located inside the car as the intake plenum takes up that space.

We decided to make the front detachable to allow for the engine to go in or out easier.

This much space will allow the sump to go through.

The upper part of the cross member is removed to make space for the sump. We will use the main shape of the Subaru cross member as the lower arms are mounted on it.

With a bit of persuasion the engine goes in, with enough clearance all round. The Impreza cross member is too tall for the RB25 sump, so Dennis marks out where it touches.

Next Paul lowers in the engine for a first fit to see if we have enough space in the Subaru engine bay.

The first job was to remove the original gearbox top support bracket from the Subaru, at this stage it was unclear if the bulkhead would have to be moved.

A photo of Dennis when the shell arrived at PR development in Hinckley.

A close up of the 25g turbo!

The engine to be used was removed from a 1994 R33 GTS Skyline drift car:

The shell was then taken to Leicestershire for PR development to start work on the project - Afzal and Sajid from JPP with Paul and Dennis from PR

Then the engine is removed and the front cross member and supension refitted:

Next Jay and Lino remove all the front panels:

The subaru was driven into the workshop-a completely standard STI Type R V4 1998 spec:

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