Project Car 2006

Our Car:

Jap Performance Drift S14 Silvia


The S14 will eventually have a S14A front, 30ml front DTM front wings, 40ml rear wings, full Vertex body kit,TRUST Intercooler, Koyo ally rad, HKS oil cooler, OS Giken Super single clutch, 1.5 way diff, HKS coilovers, Bride seat Saftety 21 - 6 point roll cage, Do Luck centre floor brace, HKS boost controller, NISMO brace, HKS induction, TOMEI stabaliser, HKS exhaust, stainless decat, TRUST downpipe, Apexi variable bung, TOMEI steering wheel, RAZO gear knob, AVS wheels, aftermarket lights, roof spoiler, carbon fibre bonnet, carbon fibre doors, TEIN front tie bars, CUSCo rear arms.

Update 1 - October 2006

Beat up old drift car, just arrived from Japan!

Update 2 - November 2006

Starts off with a S14A front conversion and larger intercooler installation!

Update 3 - December 2006

The car passes its MOT and is registered in the UK. The the front wings and bumper are painted to Match - the car will eventually be painted red.

Update 4 - December 10th 2006

The car goes out on its first Drift do it's drivers! Training was provided by D1 driver Chris Bradbury (DRIFTWROKS sponsored S14), who had driven from Belgium to train us. We ran out of tyres after using 5 sets! The car was awesome and certainly up to the job. This first session gave us enough feedback to know how improve the handling of the car.

Update 5 - January 2007

The wide arch body kit arrives from Japan on 22 Janaury - it will be fitted together with the roll cage. The Cusco coilovers are change to HKS and a stainless decat pipe is fitted with a variable exhaust bung.

Update 6 - February 19th 2007

Lydd International Raceway - A very tight circuit, great practise in the car, again the car was stong and was driven to and from the event.

Update 7 - March 12th 2007

The car suffers from a broken gearbox and clutch - although a gearbox was in stock, Julian Smith of Garage D helped source the new OS Giken clutch kit!

Update 8 - March 24th 2007

After a busy two months, we finally get time to fit the rear quarter panels - an easy way of covering up a 'drifiting incident' on the near side quarter. The next week the extended D Max front wings will be fitted.

Update 9 - April 4th 2007

All the front end is taken off the car. The new front wings are added. Once the car is painted, the carbon fibre bonnet will be fitted. A lot of work has gone in to repairing the existing side skirts.

  Update 10 - April 28th 2007

Time to fit the new wheels! But first we need to roll the rear arches flush with the extended wings - requires some precision tools......Saj with a sledge hammer - worked perfectly!  The rears are 9.5" and the fronts 8.5" by  18.  We would welcome any ideas for a colour scheme for the car - we would like to use red and black for the car, please email any ideas!

Update 10 - May 26th 2007

DISASTER !! - After going off the road, the car has excessive damage to the front and rear ns suspension, enought to kink the chassis and twist the front cross member, break the wheels, coilover, lower arm, etc......we are gutted!

After serious consideration, it looks like we are going to have to abandon the project and break the car for spares. There are many parts such as new carbon doors and bonnet which had not yet been fitted.

The good new is that we are looking for the next project car! (Project Drift 2010)

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