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Jap Performance Parts currently have the following cars in stock. We can take deposits on any of these vehicles and also on vehicles arriving in the UK soon. All our cars are provided with necessary paperwork, we do not register them. If you are looking for a specific Subaru, Nissan, Honda, Toyota, Mistubishi or other Japanese Car give us a call to explain your requirements. £500 will secure your dream car!

Honda S2000  (Ref:JPP521C)

A late AP2 2007 UK spec Honda S2000 with red/black leather. This car was exceptionally clean pre accident, with no interior wear and a tidy engine bay. The car still runs and drive, recorded as ....(more details)

Year: 2007Mileage: 91000Available: Now
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Honda Integra Type R DC5  (Ref:JPP522C)

This is an ideal project car. This car was originally built to celebrate Honda using the DC5 in the BTCC. At the time this car was fitted with the full BTCC body kit, vented bonnet, TEIN coilove....(more details)

Year: No DataMileage: No DataAvailable: Now
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Mitsubishi Evo 7 RS  (Ref:JPP477C)

Evo 7 RS with only 39342miles (62947KMS) on the clock.

This car comes as standard with non-AYC rear axle, manual windows, 5 speed short ratio gearbox and ACD.

Modificiation....(more details)

Year: 2001Mileage: 39342Available: Now
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Mitsubishi Evo X Premium SST  (Ref:JPP525C)

This is a rare imported Evo X SST Premium edition.  The Premium edition comes with the normal SST refinements plus 18" BBS wheels, fog lights and Recaro alcantara interior.  As wi....(more details)

Year: No DataMileage: 47000Available: Now
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Mitsubishi Evo 8 RS  (Ref:JPP496C)

A rare Evo 8 RS, fresh import and rust free. This car somes with a mechanical LSD, 5 speed RS gearbox, uprated Recaro interior, electric windows, RS gravel brakes, wind deflectors, completely or....(more details)

Year: 2003Mileage: 108,000Available: Now
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Mitsubishi Evo 6 GSR Ralliart  (Ref:JPP501C)

This is a very clean Evo 6 GSR will the full Ralliart option list from Japan. The car is GSR spec with AYC, Recaro interior and Brembo brakes.

The option list includes: Ralliart Coilo....(more details)

Year: 2000Mileage: 68346Available: Now
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Mitsubishi Evo 6 TME RS  (Ref:JPP513C)

A very rare Tommi Makkinen RS edition. This car comes with the same lightweight components as a normal RS, with mechanical non AYC rear diff, gravel brakes, manual windows and no ABS. The upgrad....(more details)

Year: 2000Mileage: 120000Available: Now
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Mitsubishi Evo 9 GSR  (Ref:JPP511C)

Here we have a freshly imported immaculate Evo 9 GSR in black with 88,000 miles (141,000kms).

This car comes as standard with half leather/alcantara Recaro seats, carbon effect dash t....(more details)

Year: 2005Mileage: 88000Available: Now
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Subaru Impreza STi7 RA  (Ref:JPP494C)

A rare v7 STI Type RA Impreza in original specification. 

This car comes as standard with 6 speed DCCD gearbox, R180 rear diff, gravel spec 4 pot callipers, roof vent, ....(more details)

Year: No DataMileage: 53121Available: Now
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Subaru BRZ SE LUX  (Ref:JPP518C)

Here we have a very clean and low mileage freshly imported Japanese BRZ SE LUX with only 2828 miles! (4525 kms) finished in pearlescent white.

Over the original BRZ specification....(more details)

Year: 2012Mileage: 2828Available: Now
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Subaru Impreza STI V10 JDM  (Ref:JPP512C)

Here we have a very clean low milegae and near original 2005 V10 Hawkeye STI JDM Impreza with 75750 miles (121163 kms) on the clock.

This car comes as standard with 2.0L Twin Scr....(more details)

Year: 2005Mileage: 75750Available: Now
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Subaru Impreza STi v2 RA  (Ref:JPP526C)

This is a rare and clean low mileage example of a very rare v2 Type RA. This car comes with a DCCD gearbox, intercooler spray, 5th fuel injector, roof vent and aluminium bonnet. It is in a compl....(more details)

Year: 1995Mileage: 71000Available: Now
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Subaru Impreza STI Type 25  (Ref:JPP505C)

Litchfield Imports built Type 25, based on a 2005 Subaru Impreza STI 9 JDM Wide Track.

As standard these come with 6 speed DCCD gearbox, blue/black STI branded seats, large Brembo bra....(more details)

Year: 2005Mileage: 73000Available: Now
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Subaru STI Spec C V-Ltd  (Ref:JPP507C)

Here we have a very rare Subaru Impreza STI Spec C 2005 V-Limited special Toshi Arai edition.

This car comes with as standard with a Spec C, a 2.0L Twin Scroll engine, 6 speed DC....(more details)

Year: 2006Mileage: 50452Available: Now
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Subaru Impreza v8 WRX   (Ref:JPP523C)

This car belonged to one of our customers and over the last two years it has been transformed to full JDM STi Spec. The car has been built to a very high standard using the best tuning parts ava....(more details)

Year: 2003Mileage: 94000Available: Now
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Toyota Estima Aeras  (Ref:JPP491C)

This is a rare JDM model Estima Areas Limited edition. This car come as standard with large rear folding arm chair seats, folding table, foot rests, folding mirrors, 2.4 petrol 4WD, full factory....(more details)

Year: 2004Mileage: 73000Available: Now
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Toyota GT86  (Ref:JPP519C)

Here we have an immaculate 2012 Toyota GT86 finished in stunning GT Orange with 39038 miles ( kms) on the clock.

This car comes as standard with red/black cloth sports seats, push but....(more details)

Year: 2012Mileage: 39038Available: Now
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